Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's not easy being green...or is it?

I have embarked on a love affair with leafy greens. I've always enjoyed the occasional Brussels sprout, spinach salad, or head of broccoli. But never until recently, have I enjoyed them so much. And for good reason. These foods are, per calorie, the most nutritious foods out there. They are truly the foods that love me back. These crispy light leaves prevent cancer and strengthen my immune system. They assist in purifying my body which helps give my liver and kidneys a little break, thus improving their functions. They give me energy and help prevent the moody blues.

It's sad that these are the foods most missing in the standard American diet, because everyone could benefit from eating more of them and in turn fall in love as I have. I think everyone would love to see their skin brighter and clearer. I think having more energy and getting sick less would improve the quality of life of most. They aren't expensive. They aren't hard to prepare. So why aren't more people reaping the benefits of them?

In my opinion, greens carry a "negative healthy" stigma. By negative healthy, I mean your mom told you to eat them when you were a kid, so they must not taste good. But with so many different varieties, and so many different preparation methods I think this is a bunch of pish posh. I think if you only like your broccoli with cheese on it, or your spinach creamed then you should eat your broccoli with cheese on it and have creamed spinach. Who said that greens lose their health benefits if you cook them with something considered more "fun" in the food world? They still do the above things for your body. And more importantly, it will get you to eat them!

So my plea is for you to give greens a chance. Try to incorporate a green a day into your diet. Try experimenting with different varieties. You may find new greens that you didn't know about that you really like and develop your own love affair with them. You'll thank me, I swear. You'll wonder why you didn't listen to your mother sooner!