Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Seriously Serious

Today I am proclaiming as the day that I became a serious runner. I am training for a 10K that will precede a 10 miler. I had a 4.5 mile run on my running schedule today and the sky opened up with glorious (sarcasm) rain. I did not want to go. Not one bit.

I complained and bothered my husband with it. I threw my running gear around in a huff. I then put said gear on and went out into the dismal, nasty weather to complete my 4.5 miles. It bothered me that my feet were getting wet. It bothered me that the wind was blowing too hard. But I was going to run that 4.5, if it was the last thing I did today.

I ran by a guy getting out of his car and I just knew he was thinking that I was such a serious runner for being out in such crappy weather. Well, that's right buddy....I AM a serious runner. I kept thinking about how great it was that even though it wasn't perfect running weather (about 60-70 degrees and sunny), and that I don't like rain or getting stuck out in it that I was still out there trudging through puddles while the rain pelted my dedicated to my training.

This positive thinking must have gotten me going, because I began actually enjoying this run. Every song that came on through my iPod was perfect for the day and the run it had in it. The wind died down, or so it felt. By this time, the puddles I was splashing through didn't bother me (because my feet were already soaked, so it probably didn't matter). I got into the zone and I felt fantastic.

So now I am excited to say that the running bug has seriously bitten me. This makes me a serious runner. I will run rain or shine and be happy about it. I will do my best not to make comments such as "well as a serious runner I...," or "before I was a serious runner..." or "I'm sorry, do you know are dealing with a serious runner here!?!" Those are probably best kept to myself. I will, however, enjoy my runs. I'll do my best to put on my running shoes and go out and enjoy the high I get from pounding the pavement.

I may not be considered a serious runner to other serious runners. I don't think I will ever run a marathon and I'm not sure if I'll ever again do a half marathon. But I will continue running and racing. At first I began running for the health benefits, the aesthetics of it all, and to have something to do. Those things are all still factors. But now that I've entered serious runner-dom, the most important reason I run is because I feel good about it. I accomplish something. I put on my shoes and I accomplish miles. There will always be more miles for me to accomplish, so I will continue striving to do so. If this causes me to run a marathon, then so be it. I look forward to seriously running and seriously loving it.

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  1. I am learning to post a comment. I enjoy reading about you! I love you. Keep running. You are wonderful!