Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer time and the livin's easy.

I love summer. Contrary to the belief that I would miss the seasons, I could very well live somewhere in which the temperature stays above 70 year round. I would be completely happy with this. Living in such a place you would never have to put a jacket on, or putting your shoes on would consist of slipping on a pair of flops. I would be happiest in a place like this.

I love summer food. I love that there is an abundance of farm markets with fresh produce. Seafood is more often than not the protein of choice at dinner. Justin and I spend a few nights a week grilling our supper during this time of year. He grills while I prepare the sides. It's really the only time he cooks. This year, I am going to buy some in season fruit and grill it. The thought of the sugars releasing with the heat and serving it up with some ice cream and honey sounds sublime! (I may even try the coconut milk ice cream I've been hearing so much about!)

I love how I can take my workouts outdoors. My leg has healed and I have begun my running again. I am no longer a slave to the treadmill. I can put on a pair of shorts, tank top, and shoes (my new non-injury causing ones!) and head out for a run. Justin and I take more walks together in the summer too. Bug bites aside, it makes me happy to be outside in the summer.

There is just something stress relieving during this time of year. I don't know if it's the weekend beach trips, the food, being outside constantly, or the clothes. I feel more free during the summer months. I feel like I see more friends and family. I may be mistaken, but it feels like I make more plans to see the people I love. During this time of year, I am very much in my element. The livin's definitely easier for this gal during the summer months!!!

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