Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready and rearing to go!

I have never blogged before in my life. Nor do I know how to do half of the things I probably should in starting this. I have spent the last few weeks reading blogs of family, friends, and strangers and felt the urge to dabble a little myself. I have made the New Years resolution to step out of my comfort zone more often and blogging is most definitely out of my comfort zone.

So here I go, sharing little pieces of my life with family, friends, and strangers alike. Some pieces are ordinary and some are not, but I'm hoping all will have something useful to at least one reader. If not one reader is interested, that's okay, I can still check blogging off of my bucket list and go on with my uninteresting existence in peace (though I'm pretty sure there is at least ONE person!!).

Feel free to comment all you want and try to keep up, the inner workings of my brain can be hard to follow at times or maybe that's just the inner workings of my brain making me think that it's more complicated than I think. Enjoy.


  1. You might consider cleaning up and posting your Facebook note on running your 1/2 marathon. It's that readable!


  2. I am gladly on of your followers! I am so proud of my kids!

  3. Yay! I didn't know you had a blog!!! Can't wait to read it :)