Tuesday, April 13, 2010


As a runner I should have known better. I should have recognized the signs my body was giving me. Instead I decided that new shoes weren't that important. Boy was I wrong. My carelessness caused what I think were stress fractures on my left shin, and tendonitis in my right foot. I wore my old running shoes throughout training and for my entire race. I am now sidelined from my regular runs until I heal.

My hiatus from running has given me runners envy. Because the weather is nice, I have been going for walks through my new neighborhood. This has been enjoyable, until some show off runner blows by me. Then I wish I could just pick up the pace and put a little hop in my step. Then I remember the shooting pain in my shin during the race and in my foot afterward. Then I get mad at myself for ignoring my previous need for new running shoes. As you can see, this can be a vicious cycle. All of this because I underestimated the value of good shoes.

I have been keeping my cardio fitness up by using the stationary bike and the many elliptical machines that the gym has to offer. I know that when my body is ready I will be able to run again and begin training for another race. You can bet your shoelaces when the time comes I will be doing this training in new running shoes.

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  1. Alicia - I actually gave myself a bone spur in my ankle from ignoring the signs that new shoes were in order. Listen to your body lady :)