Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stressing over health=Not so healthy.

My week has been busy and has felt overly long. First off, due to our recent move, my commute has increased from about 3 minutes to 30. Secondly, since my clients mostly have day jobs (which is wonderful for them and their children, and I would never complain about it!), the only time to meet with them is the evenings so I've been working late. I can't seem to get into work late enough in the morning to make the late night not seem so long and tiring.

My main issue and point of stress this week though, has been none of the aforementioned things. I feel like with this shift, I have to make time to work out. If I go to the gym in the evening, I don't get home until REALLY late and I don't want that. If I get up and get to the gym in the morning, I have to pack a bag to shower there since it is closer to work than it is to home. Since my leg and foot have not healed completely and I haven't been able to run, a walk through the neighborhood seems more leisurely to me than a cardio workout.

The stress I have felt over this has gotten me thinking...Is it really healthy to stress over exercise? Part of me says it's okay to do so because it means exercise is a priority in my life. However, I feel like exercise should not be a stressor, but a stress reliever. What is it that is causing me to feel like I have to push myself daily in order to obtain an effective workout. I'm not training for anything at the moment, so my exercise routine should be all about good health and wellness rather than pushing myself to the limit.

When I think really hard about it (which I have to watch, because it can hurt if I think TOO hard), I realize that I have done a darn good job this week with healthy choices. I haven't skipped a workout, I have made 90% clean and healthy food choices, I have made sure to get enough water, and I have gone to bed at a good hour and gotten at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Which, face it, compared to most people these days is really good.

So I've decided that I am going to work really hard on changing my view of exercise and healthy living. Though it will remain the priority it already is, I will not be so hard on myself if I don't challenge every muscle during every workout. A nice walk around the neighborhood is lovely and can be a very effective workout, and I need to recognize it as just that. I will vow from here on out, to give myself credit for the healthy choices I make. I know that I will eventually get to run again (which I hope is sooner rather than later!). I will probably begin marathon training sometime this summer, but I will bask in this down time and take it for what is: A nice, active, healthy rest.


  1. I am glad you are being nicer to yourself. I hate when you beat yourself up over missing a workout or eating something fun. You work so hard at being healthy and staying fit, that you deserve to reward yourself! If that means one night of NOT running or one night of NOT eating clean, then go for it!
    You are one beautiful lady and I hope you continue to pat yourself on the back. Instead of kick yourself in the butt!

  2. Thanks, pal! It felt good to get up this morning and explore my new neighborhood on a walk. Though I'm eager to start my running again, I think this is probably what my body needs to heal correctly so I can run!

    This weekend I plan on rewarding myself by seeing friends and eating something yummy, regardless of the nutritional content!!